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I've been working at Airbnb as a software engineer for the last 5 years, where I've spent my time working on the Cities team. During that time, I've also released a few small passion projects, most notably and

Prior to Airbnb, I was director of engineering—and a founding software engineer—at LearnUp, a startup whose mission was to enable job seekers to learn the skills they need in order to get hired. I am glad to announce that LearnUp has been acquired by Manpower Group.

Longer ago, I was a software engineer at Lexity (since acquired by Yahoo!), helping small to medium sized businesses manage the complications of online advertising. While at Lexity I worked on automated advertising algorithms, built large portions of the website, coded the foundations of the Commerce Central API and co-wrote the Live Sales app which was featured at LAUNCH 2013.

I nearly got my Ph.D. in Stanford's ICME department, but decided to leave with my M.S. and an all-but-dissertation status. My academic interests have included interactive data analysis, complex network analysis, statistical prediction, pattern recognition, and mathematical modeling of social behavior.